Indian almond leaves (catappa/ketapang), tannins, dark water.....

Here we will discuss the benefits of tannins and dark water if your aquarium for your betta fish.


It is well known that indian almond leaves (terminalia catappa/ketapang) release a lot of tannins into the water causing the water to go dark. Tannins and dark water have stress relieving properties and a lot of the betta fish's natural habitat has a lot of tannins that in present in nature. It is quite acidic, lowering the pH of the tank, softening the water, encouraging betta fish to breed, The last thing we will talk about is that it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties providing medicinal health benefits to your betta fish, helping them combat infections and even curing some minor ailments. Betta fish keepers all over the world have found using tannins and providing dark water for your betta fish lowers the amount of infections your betta fish and helps them in tolerating a wider range of aquarium parameters. Usage can be as a preventative measure or as the first protocol in addressing minor illnesses before moving on to harsher chemical medicines.

In summary, benefits of tannins released by organic material such as indian almond leaves include:

- Antifungal and antibacterial properties
- Lowers pH
- Preventative medicine
- Beneficial tannic acid and tannins
- Tannins make the water appear murky and light won’t penetrate as easily causing a blackout effect reducing overall stress and security
- Provide hiding and resting spots


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